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OUR  story


I am the head website & graphic designer but also the CEO at Rosalia Designs. I am also a full time Mama to a baby boy.
Bringing branding & websites to life for businesses & watching them grow is the best feeling that what my job offers to me.










Rosalia Designs was officially established in 2021 when she decided to help businesses build their branding and websites after previously having my own business & learning how hard to do it own your own and to brand & make everything yourself.

Back in 2016 Rosalia started her first ever business Glance Vape, selling vape accessories in the vaping market. She noticed a gap in the market that accessories and cases where not made for vapes so decided using her sewing machine skills that she picked up in her life & honours fashion degree to sketch & sew together her 1st prototype. From there onwards the collection expanded to multiple colours, sizes and was in stores across the UK along with Influencers using her products such as Yiannimize Car Customising & showcased products at multiple Vape Expo’s.

Rosalia learnt a lot from her 1st ever business, how hard it was to put together all the branding and put together a website, as well as managing everything else. I decided to step away from the vape industry in 2019 due to a number of laws in the UK changing which was changing the types of vapes sold which means sizing would change dramatically, so I decided to permanently close Glance Vape. 

Rosalia noticed after closing the business that she was good at branding & building my own website and a lot of people had approached Rosalia when having the business asking who made her website & designed her branding? So she started using an App called Task rabbit to pick up any jobs for logo creations or websites.
2021 Rosalia Designs was established and we now fast forward to 2024 with over 200+ clients & working with businesses to help achieve their dreams and make their life easier.

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