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  • I want a personalised email, how do I get one?
    This is something you would need to purchase and pay for either on a monthly or yearly basis. I would recommend purchasing this through Google, however if you are having a WIX website created you can also purchase an email through your account. (I will help set this up for you)
  • How long does the process take?
    This of course depends on the type of website / service(s) you have selected. Please enquire about the services you would like to get booked in for.
  • How do I get booked in?
    You can send me an email or message via Instagram with the details of what services you would like to get booked in for & we can then discuss dates to get you booked in.
  • Do I need to be free on my booking date?
    No, you can go about your normal work day and get everything done that you need to :) This is because I will have your design forms for your booking that I will be working from. I will require however to communicate with you via Instagram or Whatsapp so I can send drafts and voice notes to go over any edits and changes. But don’t worry your replies do not need to be instant.
  • When is the earliest booking slot?
    Unfortunately booking slots do get filled very quickly and sometimes I can be fully booked up to 2 months in advance so its important to get yourself booked in as soon as possible. I will let you know on the earliest available slot I have.
  • Do you require a booking deposit?
    A non refundable deposit is required to get yourself fully booked in for your design package. This deposit is then deducted off the total cost of the website/service and a breakdown of the cost will be explained in your confirmation email.
  • Do I need to have anything for my booking?
    Yes, so once your deposit has been taken you will receive a confirmation email with document to fill in. I recommend to get started on these documents as soon as possible as these will need to be returned no later than 2days prior to your booking date. This is to ensure that I have all the information for your booking to avoid any delays in the design work. Failure to send these back results in an automatic cancellation and your booking deposit will be lost.
  • What happens after my website is complete?
    Once your website is completed the final invoice will be sent over to you. Once the final invoice has been paid you will receive a completed design job email with a link to click on. This link will contain very important information to help you understand your website better but to also watch guides on how to learn to use your website with specific features.
  • How does it all work?
    Once you sign up for the subscription of your choice you will receive a welcome email. On the 22nd of each month you will receive an email letting you know its time to update your website/prep your marketing emails. You will then be able to download a form in this email to then fill in and send back by the 28th of the month as this will need to be sent back before the 1st. If you sign up for a subscription after the 22nd of the month but before the 1st of the next month then your website & marketing email updates will be done the month to follow (e.g. if you take out a subscription on the 25th of January, you will receive your 1st update email on the 22nd of February & your website officially update start date would be the 1st of March). Every month on the 1st of each month your website will be looked into and all the relevant checks and changes made to ensure it is giving your business the tools it needs. After each update you will get a notification via voice note from myself that the update has been completed and anything I would recommend going further to help your website.
  • Subscription duration
    Subscriptions are on a 6-month basis and can be renewed after the 6-month period has ended by taking out a new subscription if you chose to do so. All subscriptions are automatically cancelled at the end of the 6-month billing period. You will receive an email in the last month if you would like to renew your subscription.
  • Payments
    Subscription payments will be taken out on the date to which you make your first payment upon signing up to the subscription. If a payment fails you have up to 3 days to remake the payment in the email link sent over. However, if the payment has not been received after the 3rd day your subscription will be cancelled & a cancellation fee of the remaining balance will be invoiced over to you. As all subscriptions are for a 6-month duration any remaining months will be invoiced if the payment & subscription cancels.
  • Cancellations
    If you wish to cancel your subscription, the remaining amount for the subscription period will be invoiced to you & your business. Only once the outstanding amount has been paid will you be cleared of any outstanding balance.
  • What if I want extras done to my website that aren't included in my subscription?
    Please ensure to discuss with Rosalia prior of the extras you are looking to get done so this can be arranged. If you require more edits or extras for your website these will be charged separately with a new invoice for anything that is not included in the packages. Each extra will be chargeable but will receive 15% off.
  • Do you provide the content for the marketing emails?
    No, this is something that needs to be written up by yourself as I would not know what works for you business & what your aim is to target with your customers/clients. These have to come from you as you know your business better than anyone. If you need a bit of help with ideas here's a few tips below to help you write a perfect newsletter: Make Them Care About You Give subscribers a sneak peek at the cool things you’re doing with newsletters, event invites, sale promotions, new product announcements and more. Want to tell them about your holiday sale? Give them an exclusive discount. Want to invite fans to your event? Offer a giveaway to the first people who RSVP. Say It, Write It Your content should sound like you, so write as you speak - you can always tighten up the text later. Imagine that you’re having an informal conversation with your audience. Be sure to include engaging call-to-action (CTA) buttons that motivate them to click, like “Find Out More” or “Dive Right In”. Keep It Short & Sweet Everyone - including your subscribers - tends to scan emails, so get your message out in as few words as possible. Have a lot to say? Include links! And be sure to use brief, fun titles that’ll draw attention. See the link below for more
  • Do you design the look of the newsletter?
    Yes, I will design this to match your branding colours and text & also create any imagery needed for the newsletter. All you need to do is provide the text & images for this and leave the rest to me. However, if you have a specific idea of how you would like this then please send over any examples when sending back your information.
  • Do I need to create a Pinterest Board?
    YES! This is required for any booking that requires a new logo design, if a board has not been created or provided your booking can not go ahead.
  • Do I need to know my brand name?
    Yes, if you have not yet decided on a name for your business I would suggest rebooking/booking your slot for a later date until you have finalised on a name.
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