Thank you for choosing Rosalia Designs!

I look forward to working on your project, but first I need you to read the following policies and procedures. By booking an appointment you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

Booking a Service & the Process


To book in a service you can do this by sending me an Instagram DM or going onto my website and click on services enquiry. Please fill out the form with the service/services you require and I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible

I receive a lot of emails and messages and I will aim to respond back to everyone as quickly as possible.


I will get back to you with details of my pricing and services that I offer, along with my next availability.  Upon booking your design appointment I will confirm the services to which you would like so that the correct forms can be sent over to you and an email confirmation of your booking date will be sent to you with the list of services to be done and contain attached documents to which will need to be filled in with as much detail as possible about your designs.

Please ensure to get these documents back to me 2 days before your booking date so that i can begin your design works on your booking date at 7:30am on that day. If work is sent any later than this, your booking will be rescheduled.


I create draft designs for every design job I do. This is more of a mock-up of the design to bring the ideas to life from the information you provide.


With Logo designs I aim to always create up to 2-3 draft designs.

Once I send over all the draft designs to you, I would need your feedback, whether you like a specific design or want to incorporate 2 designs together or even try a completely different design.  All other designs only 1 draft design is put together. You would have up to 24hours to have a think about any edits or changes you would like to make.

Once I have received your feedback, I would go back to make any edits needed and communicate back and forth with you until we have the final design that you love. When you are fully happy with the design, I would send over the invoice via email to be paid before any work is sent over to you in high quality.



My prices will be slightly increasing from the 1st of November onwards and I will be taking deposits for all services. All my prices will continue to remain affordable.


Design Timeframe

I aim to get design work completed within 1-3 working days (excluding websites). However, depending on the quantity of the work that needs to be done this can take a bit longer to which you will be notified and kept up to date with how long the process will take.


Sending back design forms

*All design forms must be filled in fully and sent back to me 48hours before your booking. If more time is needed to fill these forms in please get in contact with me so I can rearrange your booking and have time to fill in this slot with another client.


*Please do not leave any sections blank. Any blank sections in the document will result in your booking being rescheduled.  If you are unsure on certain aspects please give yourself enough time to do your research and think about what you want for your design.


*Failure to send these forms back before your booking date will be an automatic cancellation to your booking and you would need to rebook this in.



Website design forms

It is important that the website form is filled in with as much detail as possible and sent back 2 days before your booking date. 

If you need a bit longer to fill these forms in, we can reschedule your booking to a later date. 

If forms are only half filled in, I will have to reschedule your booking until you have everything prepared. 


Not having website forms fully filled in with everything for your website (info, photos, pages) makes this extremely difficult to create and finish a website for you as I would have no guidelines to go by for your branding and vision.


If you have more information you want to add after sending these forms back while I am in the design process, an extra charge will be added to add these as all information needs to be sent back prior to your booking. 



Website Design Process

*I would require the website document that is sent over to you to be filled in as much as possible along with the document of preparing for your website sent back to me 2days before your booking. Without all the design information provided I will be unable to start your website for you and this would need to be rebooked.

*I would then start the process of setting up and designing the website for you to which I would create a login with an email and password. I would create all the pages including the header and footer of the website and the homepage. I ensure that all page’s link together and that all the information is placed correctly to each page you have stated in your form.

(Online Store & Booking System Websites) If you want a website that involves taking online payments, I ask that you could please set up the payment method account (PayPal, Stripe or Square) so that I can also connect this for you.

*Once I have finished the initial setup and design process, I will then send over the link of the website so that I can get you to make a list of any edits or changes you would like done. This information would need to be sent back to me within 24hours of me sending over the website link (If you need longer for this there will be an extra charge and the price will be determined depending on the length of time you need)

*Once I have completed your edits and changes and finalising the last little tweaks of the site, when you are fully happy with the design the next step is that I would get you to do the monthly/yearly subscription for your website following my video guidance instructions.

*I will then do the last final setups of the domain name connections, SEO and google connections to your website and fully test this before sending you your website link for you to view and go over.

*After everything is setup and completed, I will then transfer over any emails or passwords I have created in the process of this to you once the full payment has been made and I will give regular guidance until you feel confident with using your website and the features.


Unlimited revisions

These are given on all design works until you are fully happy with your design. You have up to 48hours from upon receiving the draft designs to then have limited revisions. Any time after this will be chargeable due to this taking up extra time over other client bookings. If the extra time has to be added due to myself having delays in getting back to you then of course there would be no extra charge to you.



I currently do not take any deposits and put my full trust in my clients with them keeping to their booking dates and to make the full payments of the service before receiving the final design works at the end. 

However, I will be changing this from the 1st of November onwards and will provide more information nearer to the time (my continuing clients will not need to pay a deposit)





Draft designs are the first step & outline of design ideas given to you that I will have drafted up from a combination of your ideas in your form. I will do up to 2-3 draft designs and sometimes more to give you options for your branding, showing different layouts, colours and fonts to what you have stated. I would then take the design you love the further and develop this until it’s fully perfect for you.


With any draft design and proofs, I do not take any responsibility for any grammar or spelling mistakes made on the design work as I will copy and paste exactly what is written in your design document.


Please ensure to read through all your designs to check all spelling and grammar to ensure that there are no errors when I send over the design drafts so that I can amend these for you.

 Feedback from the draft designs will need to be provided within 48hours so that I can make the edits and changes that are required.


*Each proof of any design (apart from websites) has my watermark over the image which is fully removed when the final payment has been made.

Please read over your proof/draft carefully to avoid any errors (spelling mistakes, wrong contacts etc)

Your confirmation that you do not want further edits releases Rosalia Designs from all responsibilities of errors so please make sure to check all the information before agreeing. If edits need to be done please read the (Further edits) section in my policy.



Cancellations & Rescheduling

*If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking please allow up to 72hours notice before your booking date. This can be done by replying to the confirmation email you received for your booking.
















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