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3D Pink Flower

My name is Rosalia. I am a freelance graphic & website designer based in the UK London.

 I have always been drawing or painting something since the age of 3, while growing up I was more drawn to fashion design as a teenager as my mother and grandmother come from fashion backgrounds.

I am a creative and I never stop creating ideas or new business ideas in my head (my brain never switches off). Growing up I constantly would draw, whether it was random shapes or a picture, this would be in classes in school and college when I would become distracted by just sketching away in my books. However, I done very well in school and college despite never paying attention, I always made sure to have all my work and coursework up to date.

I went on to study Fashion Design for 4years in University to broaden my creative side from making bridal gowns to making a collection inspired by the human body. Like a lot of university students when I left, I didn’t really know what to do so I went straight into work in the fashion industry.

In 2016 I started up my first business ‘Glance Vape’ to which I handmade my own accessories for Vape devices to protect them, made from a faux leather fabric in a range of colours and sizes to accommodate. I would definitely say I gained mostly all my experience of graphic design and business while working on my own for the business as I did it all myself with the making of products, graphics, social media, accounting.... the list goes on. Check out the old posts on Instagram using #glancevape.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances I had to close the business but still make and sell my Accessories which are now on my website to fit and use for a range of products (not just vapes).

Over the years I have had experience with a range of jobs and a few well-known designers in their studios such as Alexandra McQueen, Henry Holland & Zandra Rhodes. All these experiences helped me grow my knowledge of the business industry but also helped me grow my creativity. I have always believed you should always do what makes you happy in life, everything starts at a slow speed but you just don’t ever give up and the results will come your way.

I hope you love my work as much as I do, I just want to share my passion in the world and to do this for the rest of my life.

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